Thousands of
potential clients?

So many choices, why Facebook?

2 BILLIONS of users and increases by everyday, 90% of people who use Social Media has a Facebook account, Facebook has become the the most powerful Social Media to advertise on.

Facebook continued to be one of the top social media websites used by small and large businesses alike. Companies will now be able to promote their brands and services to a greater audience like never before, at a fraction of the cost!

Compare to the traditional media, Facebook advertising costs less and delivers the same (if not better) results. Costly radio ads, television commercials, billboards, mailing service, while effective, are used for mass marketing, and therefore do not reach your specific and intended demographics.

Leveraging the power of Facebook through Facebook marketing methods. Done correctly, this can be the portal where your brands and products can outperform others. Utilize our advantage to get more prospective customers.

Facebook has 1.85 billion of users online at least once a day, all the customers spend at least half an hour to browse around and interact with others. Most of users check their Facebook multiple times per day.  Regardless  of who your customers are, they are on Facebook. And, they use it daily!

Marketing on Facebook removes all the limitations of the traditional media.   You will no longer be limited to the time to display, the distance of broadcasting, the quantity (copies) of publications, the location of the billboard… It has the potential to reach all your targeted audiences, anytime of the day, regardless where your customers located!

Facebook advertising can drive repeat business from customers who have purchased from you in the past. Using their unique way for targeting existing customers, Facebook will allow you to advertise directly to the audience that is most likely to buy from you.

Effective campaigns on Facebook can have a huge impact for a business growth and success. It could generate a tremendous amount of brand awareness, leads, sales and revenue if managed strategically!


Kien Thuc Media is a sister company of the long established weekly publication Kien Thuc Magazine.  Kien Thuc Media is dedicated for digital media marketing, and comprises of a team of highly experienced and highly proficient professionals.  Our goal is to serve and enable clients to reach a broader range of the Vietnamese community, not just limited to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but the whole United States and all over the world.

These days, with more than 98% of our consumers owning smart phones and using at least one social media (predominantly Facebook), our campaigns have made social media marketing so much easier, more affordable and especially effective than the traditional ways.  No limitations on the distance, numbers of display, broadcasting, volume within a day.

With more than 2 billions of visitors each month, Facebook marketing is the fastest and the most effective way to advertise.  Leverage the database from our vast network from the past 15 years in our unique demographic, and utilize our data from trusted partners to retain existing customers and reach new potential clients for your business.

Facebook has continued to be one of the top social media websites used by small and large businesses alike. Companies can be able to promote our brands and services to  audience that we never had a chance to reach before with a fraction of cost!